Year 4 Scholarship Open for 2019

BIS has a rich history of scholarships for students with two Indigenous Scholarships and Self Directed Scholarships. We are currently accepting applications for a Self-Directed Learning scholarship to offer to an applicant, who is in year 4 starting in 2019.  A Self-Directed Scholarship is awarded to students who can demonstrate a field in which they have proven intrinsic motivation and dedication. The goal of these scholarships is to provide an opportunity for a child who is restricted in their creative and academic learning by the confines of a mainstream education.

The School has a commitment to ensuring that a number of scholarship places remain open at the school every year. These scholarships are dependent on a number of determiners:

  • Enrolments level in a class group
  • Financial situation at the school
  • Existing scholarship

Scholarships are only offered for students at Rule Oriented developmental level or beyond, as they are awarded on the basis of the applicant demonstrating a passion for attending BIS and indicators of Self Direction. These indicators are hard to identify in the younger years.

The Self Directed Continuum is a process of cognitive development that addresses a range of characteristics: Intrinsic motivation, planfulness, internalized evaluation, flexibility, autonomy, self acceptance and openness to experience. The application process directly relates to these characteristics.

How to Apply?

You can email or for a copy of the application form. The form requires the student to reply to some questions about their interests and the reason they want to come to BIS.  The form also asks the parent to share how they will actively participate in the community. The initial application also requires a supporting letter from an adult, apart from their parent, who has educated the child in either a formal educational setting or as part of community group such as Scouts. After applications are processed, the next stage is interviews and then formal offers are extended. The cutoff for this application round is November 9.

What are the responsibilities of the student?

A scholarship is awarded on the basis that the students will:

  • Demonstrate exemplary behaviour and leadership
  • Show commitment to their learning
  • Continue to demonstrate the developing characteristics of a Self Directed Learner

What are the responsibilities of the parent?

A scholarship is awarded on the basis that the parents will:

  • Attend all whole community meetings and a working bee every term – these are not optional
  • Participate actively in a team
  • Pay all outstanding fees and charges by the due date

What does the scholarship cover?

  • 50% Tuition Fees

It does not cover:

  • Specialist study areas such as Ju Jitsu
  • Excursions or camps
  • Specialist programs such as Mathletics
  • Works levy
  • Membership fees
  • Stationary levy

Scholarship holders are expected to pay these extra fees by the normal due date or incur the standard overdue fee. Continual non payment will see the scholarship cancelled.

BIS has had a number of students take up these scholarships over the last five years, and each of the students awarded these scholarships has benefited in their academic and social and emotional learning. Emma Sanders mother of Charlotte, a senior recipient of a self-directed scholarship, explains its significance to Charlotte’s learning journey, “Charlie has always been a dedicated student and keen to learn, but I think the self-directed approach of BIS has helped her make peace with making mistakes and learning from them, which has helped her become a lot more independent and confident in her work and in herself.”

Charlotte describes what studying at BIS has meant to her, “I can work where I’m ready in all the different subjects. At my old school, I was always worried I would get something wrong and never wanted to go to school.” Charlotte added, “It felt like we were competing against each other at my old school, BIS is a lot more supportive. Even though we have a lot of work to do, I don’t feel under so much pressure and I feel I can cope much better with everything. Now I always want to go to school”

If you believe your child would benefit from a self-directed scholarship at BIS.  Email for further information.