Teaching Team

BIS teachers have the same enthusiasm for learning as they are inspire in the children. They are specially chosen for their skills in recognizing the talents and teaching needs of each child in their care. Staff work together to ensure that all children are nurtured and challenged. We know all the children at BIS, and love them all.

At BIS, class sizes are limited and these small, multi-age classes allow teachers to establish real nurturingand mentoring bonds with the children over time, as they work towards their learning goals.

BIS teaching practice is based within our core values and philosophy. Our staff are taken through the BIS Guidelines for Teaching ad Learning and BIS philosophy as their role sees them express our school values in their daily practice. We know our teachers are lifelong learners and passionate about personal improvement – they are role models for the whole community.

Staff are all trained annually in a range of skills and methods:
Non Violent Communication / Compassionate Communication – staff have monthly training sessions throughout the year
Integral Human Development – Yearly full day workshop to review ego development and training monthly to review the process of learning from this philosophical perspective
Learning style assessments
Literacy Testing procedures

The staff also meet for two planning days of solid discussion and visioning together over every holidays so that we can all support each other’s plans and offer ideas and resources. It is really fun to brainstorm together and get inspired.

Each of the staff have also taken on a range of specialist studies including:
*Special needs support – speciality in ASD and Dyslexia support
*Mindfulness training

All our staff are school leaders and inspire each other all the time.

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