Our Team

BIS teachers have the same enthusiasm for learning as they inspire in the children. They are specially chosen for their skills in recognising the talents and teaching needs of each child in their care. Staff work together to ensure that all children are nurtured and challenged. We know all the children at BIS, and love them all.

Our Educator Team is a carefully selected cohort who are willing and able to get their minds around the deeply complex philosophy that we run. New teachers are introduced to the school over a term, allowing them intensive training sessions with the Principal and Senior Staff as well as time to observe in all the rooms and understand the expanse of BIS pedagogy.

Our teaching staff are a passionate group who aspire to reach the standards of excellence demanded for a Lead Teacher. Each of the teachers know that they are considered leaders in all aspects of our schooling. They are co-creators of our curriculum and work alongside the Principal in creating the richly integrated policies and guidelines: we are all on team BIS.

The teachers are an important part of our educating team as are the teacher aides in every room. Our aides are drawn from various backgrounds, but what they all share is a passion for personal growth and supporting that growth in our students. Smart, passionate and engaged is a pretty great way to describe our team.

Our Admin Team

Lachlyn Bowie
Acting Principal

Kerri Sparkes
Business Manager

Jessica Keller

Our Teaching Team

Brendan Gilmour

B.Ed. and LLB

Explore the Big Cats

Anna Fraser


Sarah Russell


Explore the Kestrels

Jock Allan


Jemma Austen


Explore the Penguins

Our Support Staff

All of our support staff have a vital role to play in our school

Carlie Holzheimer
Learning Support

Liz Oakes
Language Teacher

Carolynn Ding
Teacher Aide

Greta Gilmour
Teacher Aide

Maria Bollendorff
Teacher Aide

Brooke O'Brien
Supply Aide

Angelica Gasparrini
Teacher Aide

Amy Cox
Teacher Aide


Parents at BIS

Now you've met our team, learn more about how our parents help form our community.