Our Team

BIS teachers have the same enthusiasm for learning as they inspire in the children. They are specially chosen for their skills in recognising the talents and teaching needs of each child in their care. Staff work together to ensure that all children are nurtured and challenged. We know all the children at BIS, and love them all.

Our Educator Team is a carefully selected cohort who are willing and able to get their minds around the deeply complex philosophy that we run. New teachers are introduced to the school over a term, allowing them intensive training sessions with the Principal and Senior Staff as well as time to observe in all the rooms and understand the expanse of BIS pedagogy.

Our teaching staff are a passionate group who aspire to reach the standards of excellence demanded for a Lead Teacher. Each of the teachers know that they are considered leaders in all aspects of our schooling. They are co-creators of our curriculum and work alongside the Principal in creating the richly integrated policies and guidelines: we are all on team BIS.

The teachers are an important part of our educating team as are the teacher aides in every room. Our aides are drawn from various backgrounds, but what they all share is a passion for personal growth and supporting that growth in our students. Smart, passionate and engaged is a pretty great way to describe our team.

Our Admin Team

Jen Haynes

Jen Haynes has been the Principal at BIS for the last 5 years and in that time has established the school as the leading Integral School, attracting researchers and visitors from around the world. She comes to BIS with 20 years of teaching experience from adult education, high school and primary settings. Jen identified the need for reform in the mainstream sector of education early in her career and that led her to BIS where she has worked on developing the innovative and inspiring Expedition Learning Framework. As both a mother and an educator Jen knows that a school should be both acknowledging the uniqueness of each child and helping them awaken to new ways to see themselves in the world. Her span of professional interests has also seen her work in community arts, professional acting and within the Education for Sustainability sector.

“Learning is a life-long journey and a primary school experience should be teaching you how to navigate and find new paths for yourself; not teach you to just follow the same path as everyone else.”

Kerri Sparkes
Admin Officer

Kerri Sparkes began her time with the BIS community as a parent, later stepping into the newly created position of Business Manager in February 2016. Kerri has many years’ experience working in the financial and business sector, first via the banking industry and then later in the software industry. Before taking up the position at BIS, Kerri was a senior software consultant locally, interstate and overseas, specializing in financial and project management software. Kerri is an active part of our community and keeps the world of BIS running smoothly day to day.

Our Teaching Team

The Big Cats

Prep Team

Brendan Gilmour

B.Ed. and LLB

Brendan joined our team full time this year after the excitement of BIS drew him away from running his Beats Bus music education business. Brendan has lived an incredible life as a musician, traveling around the world. He is adamant however, that the most amazing part of his life is being a Dad to his three girls. His passion for a better education for his children has led Brendan and his whole family to BIS.

The Kestrels

Lower Primary Transition Team

Lochie Bowie


 Lochie was born on the North-West of Tasmania and in her early twenties applied for a U.K. working holiday visa. She spent the next decade of her life living abroad and travelling the world; Egypt, Jordan, China, Japan, Mongolia and Russia. Much of this time she spent running tours and working in these communities. The most rewarding aspect for Lochie was teaching people about places, people and culture, so it was a natural next step from teaching big people, to teaching little people once she made her way home. She graduated from the University of Queensland with first class honors in a Bachelor of Education, and a minor in Philosophy. Lochie values classroom experiences where “I guide and join the children on a journey, where they teach and learn from each other, making learning engaging, relevant, valued, and fun, as we all trek towards a shared understanding”.

The Penguins

Lower Primary Team

Jemma Austen


Jemma Austen is our new Penguins teacher! More about Jemma soon…

The Otters

Middle Primary Team

Anna Fraser


Anna Fraser is our new Otters teacher! More about Anna soon…

The Dolphins

Upper Primary Team

Jock Allan


Jock Allan is our new Dolphins Teacher! More about Jock soon…

Our Aides

Teachers aides are vital in each of our classrooms

Carlie Holzheimer
Teacher Aide

Carlie’s background as a parenting coach and entrepreneur helps her provide perfect support for the knowledge seeking BIS kids. Carlie has had both her children educated at BIS and decided to move onto the challenge as part of the educating team after being on the Board and seeing how BIS could rethink education.

Andrew Rowlands
Teacher Aide

Andrew completed an Advanced Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management and now he is studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education via Curtin University online. Andrew is a big believer of freedom to explore and interact with children and their carers. Andrew nurtures the choice of how kids learn in their own ways is what is important to them. They need to be able to have the choice of not doing something yet until they are ready. Andrew feels inspired by everyone and everything at BIS. Andrew’s greatest adventure has been his family and he loves helicopters!

Angelica Gasparrini
Teacher Aide

Angelica is Lochie’s Aide and displays a gentle compassion for all the different types of learners in her basecamp group. Angelica has had a wide range of experiences in both mainstream and other progressive educational philosophies. She found BIS through serendipity and has been with us ever since, passionate about development and courageous learning, she always models this for the students.

Maria Bollendorff
Teacher Aide

Maria is Jemma’s part-time aide as much of the time the Kestrels and the Penguins are working together on explorations. Maria is a trained teacher, taking some time out to explore the BIS integral model. Both of Maria’s children attended BIS and she has a gentle compassion that supports students to be courageous when they are trying something new.

Tess Hutchinson


Tess is a past student who has been actively involved in the school over the past few years. She has worked as the chief graphic and web designer for BIS for over 5 years. Tess works closely with the school community to make sure that her designs align closely with the philosophy of the school. She has also worked previous as a Special Needs Teacher Aide at BIS and is now building on her previous Psychology study through Postgraduate Medicine.

Parents at BIS

Now you've met our team, learn more about how our parents help form our community.