Student Participation


BIS children are allowed to be children. They can run around, climb trees and get dirty! But they and their learning are also taken seriously.

Active participation in planning activities and decisions enables children to develop confidence and problem-solving abilities. Taking personal responsibility equips our children with conflict resolution skills and helps them balance personal freedoms with communal needs.

These democratic processes ensure that children not only become motivated and independent learners, but have real life skills for negotiating life outside of our school.

Our students learn how to run meetings, inspire their peers and lead the younger students. They are our school’s future leaders and we raise them that way. By using a developmental model to understand how they understand moral dilemmas and when they need to be challenged we are always helping them develop into amazingly self responsible teens.

BIS kids learn from a very early age about how rules and consequences impact on them . It is an exciting time watching them develop from a punitive experience of consequences to one aimed at healing rifts and building community. As students develop skills in facilitating conflict resolutions they begin to inspire younger students.

Community Jobs

The students also have various responsibilites helping out around the school. Some students help in the library, with the pets, others in the kitchen and some to organise sport. We have a currency called the BISmark that is used to pay students for extra jobs beyond the standard expectations (washing up after a Come and See Morning Tea or babysitting at an event) . All of these jobs help the students to see the community as their to be part of and to have an active voice within.

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