Parent Participation

As you walk around BIS you are always aware of the hundreds of parents who have worked on the growth of our little school, nurturing and caring for the buildings and grounds over the 50 years that this idea took form.

Parent Roles

Over the years, as one-parent working families have become less common and as parent time has been spread over too many tasks and commitments, the opportunity for parents to offer as much time as the original founders did has passed. These days our parents choose to volunteer across the school in the Parent Teams or wherever small jobs are needed.

  • Hands

    Buildings and Grounds Team
    BIS, almost 50 years old, needs a bunch of tender loving care to maintain the buildings and grounds but this team is also the passion behind lots of new projects and sites at the school.

  • Heart

    Community and Events Team
    Our community has lots of wonderful community events, facilitated by the Hearts Team, as well as our new family support program.

  • Eyes

    Grants and Fundraising Team
    Always on the lookout for new opportunities for BIS to build, make or refresh, the grants teams does a great job finding donations and finding ways for us connect to grants that will reflect our curriculum needs.

  • Voice

    Marketing and Advertising Team
    This team shares BIS with the world beyond our gates through Facebook, posters, Open Day, news articles and blog posts.

  • Mind

    Library and Curriculum
    Our incredible library team keeps our library full of new ideas and books, training new student librarians and covering… covering… covering books. This team also helps coordinate the classroom reading programs.

Families at BIS are encouraged to volunteer whenever they can. There are however a range of tasks that are necessary, time dependent tasks. Families who are willing to take on this extra responsibility are rewarded by not having to pay the Volunteer Fee as they are taking on the Essential Volunteer role. This fee covers the hiring of people to complete jobs that need to be done (mowing, laminating, painting). Families select to be a Essential Volunteer or to pay the Fee every term, as we know life changes can alter our capacity to participate.

Parents who choose to participate in our Volunteer Fee Programcommit to attending a three-hour working bee each term and deliver on a minimum of 3 hours toward a project. In return they are given a discount of paying the Volunteer Fee. Taking on these tasks is a big commitment so many parents still choose to pay the Fee, thereby freeing up some finances for projects and paying for professionals to complete some jobs. Even if you pay the fee we hope that you will still volunteer, just without the stress of knowing that the job you are taking on is essential as these volunteering roles are more about creative project-based tasks.

Parent Volunteering is the lifeblood of BIS and we love and thank everyone who has volunteered, throughout the history of our little school.

Student Participation

Learn about how students are active members of our community.