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Foundation Prep Early Years Primary Teacher

Unique opportunity for an experienced, skilled and courageous Early Years educator, passionate about play based, project and inquiry models of curriculum delivery. Join our small team in 2022.

About the role

We are looking for an experienced teacher to work in our Foundation/Prep classroom, the room has a full time teacher-aide to support you and numbers vary from 10-18 students. The role involves:

  • Daily classroom teaching and planning
  • Individual and team planning in non contact week of the holidays before each term (4 days before Term 1+3, and 2 days before Term 2+4)
  • Daily contact with parents and parent meetings
  • Report cards, student observations and maintaining student records
  • Working with colleagues on developing  and delivering curriculum from a play based, inquiry and project learning approach.
  • Attending community and school events – End of Term Performance evening every term, Whole Community Meetings and Working Bees every term on a Saturday or Sunday,  plus other annual events on weekends or evenings.
  • Willingness to learn about Integral Theory and be mentored in your first years at BIS. While we value the classroom experience you bring with you, our philosophy and pedagogy will be new to you.
  • Bringing your own passions and interests into the school and sharing them with us!

Skills and experience

We are specifically looking for:

  • Skills in behaviour managing through relationship based strategies, using consistent boundaries rather than dominance
  • Experience in working with students aged 4-6
  • Experience and ease in communicating with parents on a daily basis
  • Enjoyment and skill in working with gifted and special needs students
  • Enthusiasm for experimentation, documentation and research
  • Willingness to explore their self perception and awareness within our team
  • Experience in the Australian Curriculum (rather than just C2C)

Bonus skills:

  • Skills and experience in play based, project and/or inquiry curriculum delivery
  • Experience in multi-age classrooms and/or team teaching
  • Skills in using Google Education and openness to new technology

About the business

Brisbane Independent School (BIS) is the oldest progressive and experimental school in Queensland (53 years!).

We have always had the child at the centre of the learning and now we combine that history with a cutting edge pedagogy based on Integral Psychology. This pedagogy and philosophical perspective means that we are always experimenting to provide the best learning experience for the child. Core to this as educators, is being a strong differentiated individual who is able to explore their own growth as teachers, to ensure that our own patterns and biases do not impede student learning; BIS teachers are learners too.

We currently have 80 students across five classrooms. Our classes are designed to fit a particular developmental stage and multi-age academic grades. Our learning framework explores an integrated project based model with a training/mastery approach. We incorporate social and emotional program at the core of our design, seeding it through all that we do. Our learning framework interweaves the study of self with the study of community and the world.

Benefits and perks

BIS is situated on a beautiful leafy site with large open plan classrooms with big glass doors that let the world come in to your room; it is really delightful. All our staff are encouraged to grow and develop as both individuals and professionals with this as core business, we want to help you grow, so you can better support the children to grow!

Our students call us by our first name and our community is warm and welcoming, with lots of smiles and love.  Emotions are welcomed at BIS and we are all trained in Compassionate Communication. You will be fully trained in our pedagogy and theory, during your first term with lots of observation and training time provided. A mentor will be working with you in your first year to ensure that you feel supported.

A BIS teacher is a precious part of a long history of visionary teaching, key to that is passion and courage. Teaching at BIS is a lifestyle, not a job. If you are not comfortable with putting in extra hours, thinking about the whole school not just your class and knowing that you will dream about work, this is NOT the job for you. Our staff believe in the power of the model of education that we are developing and are committed to see it develop.

How To Apply

To apply please email  office@bis.qld.edu.au  to gain an application package. We are ONLY accepting applications from individuals who have responded to the application pack.

Applicants will need to be available to visit the school for an onsite interview, however a zoom interview can be arranged for applicants out of state.  A short list of successful applicants will be invited to spend time in the classroom this term as part of the application process.

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