Brisbane Independent School is a community-managed school and an incorporated association: Brisbane Independent School Inc. The Brisbane Independent School Board manages the school. They take responsibility for the strategic planning for the school, annual budgeting and managing the implementation of the strategic plan. The Board delegates the operational management of the strategic plan objectives to the Principal who works with the Staff, Student Leaders and Parent Teams. At each level there is reciprocal communication and feedback to ensure that the process is working for every member of the community.

The BIS Board

The BIS Board is made up of an equal balance of current parents and external members. All Board members however share an interest in Integral Education. The external members are invited to the Board but are voted in by parent members and life members of the incorporated association. Before the AGM each year the new nominated board members are presented to the community for consideration. External members are often “head hunted” to fulfil the changing needs of the school such as accountancy or legal backgrounds, but they are always participating in the wider Integral Community. Board positions are held for two years. For a parent to nominate for board positions they must have been at the school for at least one year and show some commitment to the Integral Philosophy. Board members must have a current blue card and be persons of good character.

Have Your Say

For the individual parent to have a say in the policy decisions of the school they need to use these avenues for involvement:

  • Participate in Whole Community Meetings.
  • Attend open board meetings so that you have clear insight into what is going on. Although you cannot vote you can share your opinion.
  • Be active in your Team.
  • Read the posts on SchoolStream
  • Attend trainings and workshops

By participating our parents provide an excellent role model for the children, who need as much modelling as possible to participate in the democratic process within the student leadership team.

Community Supporters

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