New Penguin’s Teacher Julia Gallois

We are so pleased to welcome the gentle and dynamic teaching presence of Julia Gallois as the Penguin’s Teacher for 2017. Julia is starting out her Primary career at BIS and we are honoured to be the educational model that she will have closest to her heart. The Rule Oriented Teaching Team of Sally and Tim will be working closely with Julia as this team supports the full cohort from Big Cats to Kestrels and Penguins. Welcome Julia!

Can you give us an overview of your background and training

Before studying at The University of Queensland, a part of me always knew I would be a teacher.  Everything I have done has always centred around working with children;  Teacher Aide work in a variety of schools, nannying, worked in a Before and After School care and Childcare.  I come from a family of Teachers so it must be in my blood.

Growing up, I lived in England for six years before moving back to Australia and then spent a year studying Education at Syracuse University in New York. I only lasted there for a year because it was SOO COLD!  I managed to travel around the States with new found friends, escaping the cold for a while, which was a fantastic experience.

I then spent a month living in Bali while I was doing a Practicum placement at Green School. This was a facinating experience and it made me fall in love with South East Asia. I love to travel and last year I took some time out of my degree to spend a year teaching English in Barcelona. I had never been but felt very drawn to the country; it would be a great way to learn Spanish!

During my year there I managed to travel to other exciting places including Marrakesh and many parts of Europe, including driving through 3 countries in one day (Bordeaux, France to Andorra then back down to Barcelona, Spain).

 I started to harass Meli into passing my info onto Jen whilst I was in Spain as I wanted to do my final placement at BIS. Even though I was fairly certain that no job would come of it because it is such a small school, I knew  I had to spend my longest practicum at BIS because everything that I had heard about it was something I wanted to experience for as long as I could. Then as fate would have it, I somehow managed to score the job of a lifetime and was offered a permanent, full time position at a school that I had always dreamed of being a part of. I still can’t believe how lucky I am.  

Q&A to get to know you better

What led you to BIS?

The alternative teaching style that looks at children in a more holistic manner through the integral framework. What has made me even more impressed by it is the supportive nature of all the Teachers, Staff and general community.

What is your most exciting memory?

My most exciting memory would probably have to be just over a year ago when I took a chance and moved to Barcelona with no job, apartment or anyone that I knew and landed in this amazing city with everyone speaking all these different languages around me. Just walking the streets with the idea of not knowing what would happen or how my year would work out, while absorbing the incredible scenery around me, was such an exciting feeling I will not soon forget. I have had many other exciting moments in my life, though this one was exhilarating on a very personal level as I was really pushing my personal boundaries of comfort.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

The way education is taught worldwide! By creating an educational system that encourages children to see the joy of learning and teach them how to be respectful of others, we create generations of people who will become more educated and aware of the world they live in and how to interact within that in a positive way. This would create a future of understanding one another as opposed to condemning one another for having alternative opinions.

Imagine you are part of a pioneering crew setting up a colony on Mars. You can only take on 5 personal items with you as space is limited, what would you take?

  • A book about how to successfully colonise Mars
  • A lighter
  • A notebook with a pen (that counts as one, right?)
  • An iPod with a labyrinth of songs in all sorts of genres
  • A pocket knife

What is your favourite song/artwork/dance/movie or book?

Song – “Here comes the sun” by the Beatles or “Ramble on” by Led Zepplin or “Ignition” by R. Kelly……yeh too many and all different styles, couldn’t possibly name just one

Artwork – My mother’s painting of the base of a tree trunk 

Dance – Either Salsa or Swing

Movie – Probably “He died with a Felafel in his hand” but there are quite a few that I love

Book – “A short history of nearly everything” by Bill Bryson or “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” by J.K. Rowling