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It really boils down to this, that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in the inescapable network of mutuality, tied into the single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one’s destiny, affects all indirectly.”  – Martin Luther King Jr.


The Ladakhi people live in the high mountains of India. This paper will show differences and similarities between the Ladakhi people and Australia. Medicine, food, clothing, and gender equality will show that Australia and the Ladakhi people are all connected.



Although Ladakhi people make different types of medicine, they use it the same way as first world societies, which shows everyone’s interrelated. The Ladakhi community has fairly new types of medicine, which they use naturdownload-2al resources to transform and preserve medicine for their community.  This tribe eats lots of fish meaning they have decreased health problems. They also do not put medicine in tablets and they do not make it taste good with sugar unlike first world society. They take natural resources and preserve them and while it may not be preserved in the same way as first world societies, it is similar. This should show the medicine in Ladakhi tribe is connected to all different cultures.



Clothes in both societies are different but there are similarities, this means we are connected. lad-9-1Ladakhi men and women usdownloadually were the same clothes. Although in modern society men and women rarely wear the exactly same clothes, there are some people who do. Another difference is the Ladakhi people wear big woolly coats made out of natural resources unlike in many first world societies, which mostly wear synthetic fabric. However, Australians still wear natural fabric sometimes, this shows that we are all connected. Similar to most of Australia this tribe wears hats for decoration not just for safety. Although the Ladakhi society wears mostly big boots, while Australians mostly wear running shoes like sneakers, both cultures wear shoes. They wear very colourful clothes like Australia. After looking at the clothing of Ladakhi culture it is clear there are a lot of similarities, as well as differences to Australia, illustrating that we are interconnected.



Ladakhi food shows that the Ladakhi people while different, are similar to many modern cultures. Ladakhi tribe uses similar ways of cooking food to those in Australia. Ladakhi people use a lots of different fish which is different to Australia because there are lots of cattle. The Ladakhi tribe is in very high mountains of India meaning imagesthey cannot just get fruit from the grocery shop, different to Australia. These people use sand to stop their food from burning and they also don’t use ovens and barbecues they put fire under a metal sheet, which is unlike Australia. They use dry fruits like most cultures. Ladakhi tribe uses spices to make the dish smell and taste better, like Australians with steaks. Although Ladakhi citizens use different food to cook and different ways to make it, there are still a lot of similarities between Ladakhi and Australia.


Gender Equality

Ladakhi gender equality has a lot of similarities and differences to Australia, indicating that these societies are tied together. The Ladakhi women have simdownload-1ilar rights to Australian women. Ladakhi women have similar work to the Australia women, however Ladakhi women are not represented in politics. Being married in the tribe does not mean you have to move in and live with your husband. Women have a choice to not get married and this is similar to Australia. This topic shows that Australia and the Ladakhi are connected.


Ladakhi food, medicine, clothing, and gender equality has difference and similarities to Australia. This essay showed that the Ladakhi people are connected to Australians. Like Martin the for King Jr said “whatever affects one’s destiny affects all indirectly”.


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