Facilities and Grounds

The grounds – Connecting with nature

BIS is located on a large and tree filled site in sleepy Pullenvale. This allows our students the freedom to interact with their environment. The children are free to watch lizards sun themselves on logs, and birds nest in the trees and forge a lifelong connection the natural world. With the passion or parents and students combined, our grounds house ever increasing opportunities with targeted planting sites such as the frog pond and the fruit tree forest.

Outdoor equipment for creative play

BIS children express their creativity and resolve through games in the large school sandpit, on the climbing platforms around our courtyard’s “Big BIS Tree”, and on the interactive playground equipment. Playground artworks represent brilliant, colourful examples of community involvement – designed and constructed together by parents, children and teachers.

The kitchen and parent room is a community gathering place

The newly renovated BIS kitchen allows children, parents and teachers to share meals, conversation and learning in the communal kitchen and parent lounge.

Classrooms and library facilities to facilitate integrated learning

For over 40 years, BIS classrooms have been designed as open planned learning centres, linking directly with the outdoors, broad verandahs and designated art spaces to stimulate thought, expression and discussion as the children learn. Rooms double as performance spaces, multimedia hubs and galleries for children’s work.

Hall for events and sports

The construction of the new hall in 2011 was greatly anticipated as an added resource for the school as it grows and develops. A space that can be utilised by the school and greater community has much future potential as well as curriculum based uses.

Upcoming events

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