Exploring Spaces

The physical space of BIS, like the intellectual, is divided into Basecamp (designed for direct instruction, whole class discussions and small group learning) and Exploring (spaces designed to stimulate students to find out how and why things work the way they do).

Exploring Spaces

The Hall

The Hall is where yoga and Ju Jitsu are taught as direct instructional experiences but also the site for games, performances, shows, parades, displays and large scale inquiries.


The Library

The Library is run by parent volunteers and passionate students. It houses the world of books and journals that can carry our students on grand explorations through other lives and times.


The Sandpit

The Sandpit is a site for such a diverse range of learning from fossils and gold mining to early engineering. The sandpit is also used by staff as an active “group work” site to explore learning styles as well as developmental triggers to work with empathy and compassion.

The Tree

The big tree is the site for mindfulness as well as physical play. Student have to learn all the rules and adhere to them if they want to gain a licence to use the tree.


The Veggie Gardens

Annual replanting sees the veggie gardens come back to life as the children explore the process of life from seed to the harvesting of the next generation of seed.

The Birthday Grove

Each year some students will opt to plant a donated fruit tree in the Birthday Grove. BIS doesn’t have birthday food parties, instead the students get to select a birthday tradition such as a disco, dress-up day or planting a Fruit Tree.

The STEAM lab

The Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths lab is spread across three different sites. The students often intermingle the experience themselves at these sites by bringing their science experiments into the kitchen and their art creations into the “tinker/woodwork lab”. Each of the discrete sites require a permit for access and students are able to apply for Tool Licences as their developmental understanding broadens.


Cubby Park

The Cubby Park, situated in the bushy area behind the classrooms, is only available to Dolphins with a permit as this document shows who have proven that they will successfully be able to use the site. The Cubby residents have a set of walkie-talkies to stay in touch ( they are always in eye-sight but they like to think they are not) while they experiment with the best designs for the physical cubby as well as the rules and culture needed to make it succeed.

There are many more sites around the school from the meditation Stupa to the Chook Pen but we hope this gives you a taste of the Exploring Spaces.


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