Explore BIS

BIS is a learning experience designed to educate everyone who connects with the program, from the student and teacher, to parent and volunteer. This experience is explored fully in the Expedition Curriculum that BIS has developed to better connect with the needs of their learners as well as the adults who work with them. Explore the parameters of the learning experience at BIS.


The Classrooms

There are five different developmental class groups at BIS. Care is taken to transition when a child is ready, not just when the year ends.


Learn about each class group and the individualised approach taken at each stage.


The Expedition

At BIS we run an innovative custom designed curriculum, perfectly uniting all elements of learning. We call it "The Expedition".

The Expedition

Learn about how our framework unites traditional core skills with the skills and tools needed for leaders of the next generation.


The Learning Space

The energy of the BIS grounds is difficult to describe. Open green spaces alongside active learning facilities: BIS is the perfect place to explore.

Learning Space

Explore our grounds and facilities.