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Term 4 2018 Graduation and Concert  

By Jennifer Haynes, 2 months  ago

End of Term Shared Meal
  Family Picnic - I have to check with the Community Team but this will probably be 4.30-5.00. Each family brings a picnic blanket and food to share and sets it up on their blanket. Graduation - This is...
RE: Boys toilets  

By Jennifer Haynes, 3 months  ago

Hands - Building and Grounds
  That's a worry! Thanks for letting me know. I will check in with the cleaner to see what is going on there.  Jen  
RE: Boys toilets  

By Dinosaur11, 3 months  ago

Hands - Building and Grounds
  Hi there I scrubbed the floor last week with a broom,  vinegar,  water and lavender oil to a successful (if not temporary) result.  As for solutions, I'm not sure . It happens at our place that requir...





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