The BIS Values are at the centre of our school because they are the way that we achieve our mission.  The Values consequently form the core of the decision-making for all parts of the school; students, staff and management. The Values are therefore core content for our curriculum. underpinning the way we see the Australian Curriculum content and as the basis for our Study of Self curriculum.

We accept that we are all part of a lifelong process of values learning – it is not innate.  This process has three stages, starting from the self, and expanding to include the wider world. Our innovative curriculum supports this process by exploring themes each term that extend and develop our student’s understanding of themselves and their place within the world.


All our families engage with the Values on an annual basis through a Values workshop. The first workshop helps you unpack the meaning of the Values as a set of shared understandings. New families work through clarifying the meaning of the different values to appreciate multiple perspectives. After that initial workshop we meet yearly to engage in our own family values review and home rule alignment. Most families don’t give themselves a few hours to have this type of conversation so our families really appreciate the time to do this deep family system work.

BIS Values are the actions that connect us together at BIS!

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