Making the choice to believe that a BIS Integral education can be so much more than what you see in a standard classroom can be a big decision.It requires you to consider a range of questions:

*What matters most to you about your child’s primary education?
*Should a child be considered as individual with ideas, rights and insights that should be valued?
*What is the purpose of education?
*What is the philosophy of other systems? How do they compare?
*Can education be more than what you experienced?

These are all big questions that are about making a conscious and courageous decision for your child’s education. The pressure is often to just going along with what everyone else is doing without thinking critically about what is the best decision for your child and family. Please take time to explore the key areas that underpin our school:

*Our Mission

*Curriculum and Values
*Pedagogy and Philosophy

The best way for you to really understand our philosophy and process of learning is to attend a curriculum talk such as the ones currently listed on the events page.

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