Our Mission

Brisbane Independent School’s mission is to nurture, develop and trust our pupils’ innate love of learning and positive values. We produce graduates who are respectful, confident, competent and self-motivated, with the skills necessary for life-long learning in all facets of their lives.

A message from our Principal

This is my second time as Principal at BIS. I had to come back to this extraordinary school because no other environment offered the incredible experiences that BIS provides. From the precious moments when children are full of laughter and joy with their friends to the intensity of their emotional moments of silence when they are given the opportunity to breathe, think and process.

No other school I have visited has ever had this balance so perfectly in place. Freedom and responsibility at the heart of courageous learning.


Many of our Alumni visit on the Open Day and keep actively in touch with our Alumni Facebook Group. I see them follow exciting paths that are of their own making, their own choice. They remain full of courage.

BIS is just the beginning of their journey.

The BISness of Learning is about creating the cognitive, physical and psychological  grounding to make the adults who will enact the change they identify needs to happen

COGNITIVE GROUND – The decision we make in our child’s primary school years make their first stories of success and failure, their first beliefs about what to expect from life, their first vision of what they can achieve in their future.Their learning should be exciting, tailored, allow for mastery and vision. Creative thinking tempered by critical analysis allows all little minds to thrive.

PSYCHOLOGICAL GROUND- BIS begins that journey with a careful, considered personalised education that nurtures their strengths, works to build on their weaknesses and most of all empower them with a self understanding that comes from a deep respect of their individualism. We don’t want our students to be compliant and silent. We want them to know they can argue when things are not right, when they don’t feel safe and that suffering is not a requirement of life. We want them to have an education where the community knows their name, where their parents are part of the action and welcome in the classroom and where they can feel safe and loved.

PHYSICAL GROUND – Life at BIS means you can get something to eat when you are hungry ( not just at break) going to the toilet is not a request that can be denied (you just need to tell us you are going)  your toes can wriggle on the ground without shoes and you can wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

I love being at BIS, it is a facinating journey of discovery and learning for all of us.  Come and visit and see for yourself.

Jen Haynes