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You are invited to the BIS Kids Art Gallery where we will be sharing 50 artworks we have made this term, Date: March 29, Day: Thursday, Time: 3.30 – 6 pm, Where: BIS Top Room” …. read the invitation I received. How wonderful I thought, so I brought my mother along for the gallery opening and what an event it was!

Bouje-wa-swa, french artist

Upon our arrival we were greeted by ‘Bouje-wa-swa’ (aka my son Oliver) a very talented artist, with a sort of French accent and our host for the afternoon. He escorted us up to the top room, where we were offered a refreshment, along with an array of delicious nibbles. Bouje-wa-swa, proceeded to show us through the gallery explaining the ‘eras’ of the art work, giving detailed explanations of his particular pieces. He was quick to include prices as he successfully persuaded us to purchase almost all of his work, ensuring we were aware that the funds were being donated to a very worthy cause – The Cancer Foundation.

After we had spent time admiring all the art work we were then led down to the Children of the Forests’ classroom to view other work that had been brilliantly produced throughout the term. While there, we were also treated to an excellent theatrical performance from some of the students.

It was such a fantastic afternoon, the Gallery looked so professional, with the artwork hung on calico from the ceiling beams and the refreshments table along with the arrangement of all the students work for our viewing. What a wonderful way to end our first term at BIS! Thank you to everyone who helped make the afternoon such a success.

A very proud parent

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    Please check us out at and look at our work.

    Hopefully we can become friends!

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